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About Us

We believe that the cycle of violence and incarceration can be broken by discipling high-risk young men in their Christian walk through one-on-one mentoring, life skill and vocational training, and leadership development through the challenges of wilderness adventure.

About the founder

CREATED FOR MORE was founded by Derek Polansky, a Chicago-land native who experienced a troubled father-son relationship which led to anger and uncertainty early in life. After being kicked out of high school, Derek turned to a wild lifestyle full of adrenaline and drugs. Derek's life changed after a serious accident that left him hospitalized with a head injury. He turned to Jesus Christ and followed spiritual mentorship to get involved in youth ministry, particularly in local prisons and jails. As he saw himself in many of the young men he was working with, Derek realized that by offer them a pathway to God and access to the outdoors and adventure activities, this work could guide them toward a different outcome.

Core Values


Commitment to our creator jesus christ


Become a Responsible Man


Leave the Past Behind


Strive for a Strong Work Ethic

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2021 Hunting Trip

Miguel Baptized

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