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jail ministry

We begin developing relationships early, while our young men are still in jail. Our focus at this stage in the ministry is to build trust.


Christ sharing relationships.

Gospel Urgency:

  • Virgin birth

  • Jesus' perfect life

  • Jesus' substitutionary death

  • The Resurrection of Jesus

  • New Life

Real-life talk.

Fatherhood classes:

  • "No correction = No Direction"


Illinois Youth Center St. Charles

Average Daily Population: 350
We reach out to the residential cottages where youth can be sentenced form 6 months to multiple years. 
  • One on one mentoring​
  • Bible Studies
  • We go to Intake processing only
  • Gospel message is presented

Illinois Youth Center Warrenville

Average Daily Population: 70

We partner and train Wheaton College students to bring the love of Christ to these young people.

They currently have ministry in this institution Monday thru Friday, running programs from:

  • Bible studies

  • Worship

  • One on One mentoring​

  • Poetry nights

  • Rap workshops

  • Basketball

  • Music classes

River valley juvenile detention center

(Coming soon)

will county adult detention facility

Average daily population: 450


We conduct Christian Fatherhood classes with inmates at WCADF.

This fatherhood class aims to educate and inspire men who are detained in WCADF on the importance of their role in the lives of their children.

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